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Canon powershot G9

Posted in Canon Powershot G9, Equipment/Reviews on May 13, 2008 by prashanteju

In the last few months some exciting cameras have been announced. Nikon announced D300/D3 which seems to leading the race for DSLRs. They also announced P5100, which is a nice point and shoot. Canon has always been very good with their powershot series. They corrected the mistake of not including raw format in the earlier version, Enter G9 and Viola – we got a nice point and shoot which is a very capable camera.

What it is –

A wonderful point and shoot which can capture images in raw format. The thumb-dial at the right place is one fine touch. Many people fail to see the point in it. Auto-iso selection is also great when light level is falling. Image stabilization, a nice zoom range makes it a really fine camera to use. If you add accessories from Lensmate, namely grip and the adapter for filter, makes the camera more fun to use and handling improves dramatically. Canon should stop manufacturing those cheap adapters and start working with these fellows. Overall it is a fine travel-photography-camera capable of producing fine images. It is even better for street photography. It brought the enjoyment factor back. I definitely do not want to carry a bigger camera like D80 and zoom lens every time while roaming around in the city.

What it is not –

Unfortunately the sensor size is very small for these many pixels. I thought and still think my D80 as a noisy camera (above ISO200). And boy G9 is noisier still. Even at ISO80 the noise is there to see. For web-images and prints up to certain sizes (A4) it is ok though. If anybody is trying to tell you that it is difficult to see the difference between the images from G9 and let’s say D80 (or 40D etc.) then s/he is on a payroll from Canon or has never really seen files from DSLRs. While it is a fine a camera, a replacement for a DSLR it is not.

What it could have been –

What I’m really looking forward to is a PS digital camera which is a blend of G9 and another fine camera DP1 from Sigma. I really wish canon takes a cue from Sigma and launches G10 with 4/3rd sensor (at least, or better yet an APS), get rid of all those idiot modes and keep only A,S,M. Or Sigma launches the DP2 or 3 (whatever) with a Tri-Elmar type of lens with manual controls. I don’t really care if it costs as much as mid-range DSLRs…but please.


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