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Munich from above

Posted in Black and White Photographs of Munich, Equipment/Reviews, Studio Photography on June 24, 2008 by prashanteju

It is my unfulfilled dream to make a flying license (Flugschein). Chance came upon me twice, however I did not grab it with both hands. These images are from one of the lessons and from test-flights for DLR. These are very old negatives so pardon the scan quality.








Firefox 3.0

Posted in Black and White Photographs of Munich, Equipment/Reviews, Studio Photography on June 18, 2008 by prashanteju

Well, good news for photographers who display their work by means of a website.

  •  Type about:config in Firefox 3’s address bar and press Return. The configuration settings will appear.
  • In the Filter field, type gfx. The list of settings will shorten to show just those related to graphics, ie gfx.
  •  If the Value for gfx.color_management.enabled is False, double-click anywhere on that line to toggle the setting to True.
  • Quit and relaunch Firefox 3 and you’re in business. You can confirm that colour management is working by viewing the photos on this page. If all four quadrants of the first photo are a seamless match, then colour management in your copy of Firefox is up and running.

Backup strategy for the poor/budget photographers

Posted in Equipment/Reviews, Studio Photography on June 16, 2008 by prashanteju

Believe it or not, I’ve lost all my raw files from my Paris trip in 2006. I only (and by chance) have 16bit tiffs of the best rated images and 8bit psds (I only had Photoshop 7 at the time) of about 60% of the tiffs. This was my 4th trip to the city and my most productive in terms of time invested and number of images made.

Bottomline – back up !!!

  • On the road I take many memory cards with me. I plan to purchase 4gb cards so that backing them on a dvd gets easier. But then putting those many eggs (I mean photos) on one card is risky so I stick to 1 or 2gb cards. I safely store these cards. They are virtually indestructible and with Photorescue almost any problem can be solved. You can carry heavy P5000 or something similar but we are talking about people on budget.
  • At home download all the images to your pc/mac, make a back-up copy on a DVD (make sure it is written correctly, this is how I lost my Paris files). And make a copy on an external hard drive. And then only re-format the card.
  • If possible add another drive and keep it in your office or somewhere else. You can use sync-toy or something similar to sync the data. Always make sure it is done correctly.
  • be happy.

Camera Profiles #2

Posted in Black and White Photographs of Munich, Equipment/Reviews, Studio Photography on June 13, 2008 by prashanteju

Here is one example where you can see the effect of correct camera profile.

Shot with D80, 18-70/3.5-4.5 at 70mm, iso 100. Both files have got the same raw adjustments except the camera profile.


Camera Profiles

Posted in Equipment/Reviews, Studio Photography on June 2, 2008 by prashanteju

It is well known that the rendition of warm colors lack certain ‘pop’ when you use digital camera with default profiles. I have recently created profiles for digital cameras and will be offering them for a donation of 5Euro/camera profiles. Two profiles will be sent to you as a pdf file which you will need to input in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom, one for outdoor use and another for images made with studio strobes.

As of now am offering profiles for the following cameras –

Nikon D80, Canon Powershot G9 and G7, Canon EOS 350D and 400D.

I may add Nikon D300, EOS 5D profiles later. More details soon.

Some fine Nikkor lenses

Posted in Equipment/Reviews on May 26, 2008 by prashanteju

When I switched to Nikon in 2006 the first lens I tried was 85mm/1.8D, a classic portrait lens borrowed from Udo. I was in love with the lens and wanted to buy it. And I was using some fine medium format lenses before that (I still do). I recently bought 85mm, and can only recommend it. My current favorite set is 24mm (for street), 50mm+85mm for portrait sessions. Next in the list of ‘want to buy’ are 35mm/2.0 and 24mm/3.5 PCE (For this one I really have to wait for Santa…may be till 2015).

Canon powershot G9

Posted in Canon Powershot G9, Equipment/Reviews on May 13, 2008 by prashanteju

In the last few months some exciting cameras have been announced. Nikon announced D300/D3 which seems to leading the race for DSLRs. They also announced P5100, which is a nice point and shoot. Canon has always been very good with their powershot series. They corrected the mistake of not including raw format in the earlier version, Enter G9 and Viola – we got a nice point and shoot which is a very capable camera.

What it is –

A wonderful point and shoot which can capture images in raw format. The thumb-dial at the right place is one fine touch. Many people fail to see the point in it. Auto-iso selection is also great when light level is falling. Image stabilization, a nice zoom range makes it a really fine camera to use. If you add accessories from Lensmate, namely grip and the adapter for filter, makes the camera more fun to use and handling improves dramatically. Canon should stop manufacturing those cheap adapters and start working with these fellows. Overall it is a fine travel-photography-camera capable of producing fine images. It is even better for street photography. It brought the enjoyment factor back. I definitely do not want to carry a bigger camera like D80 and zoom lens every time while roaming around in the city.

What it is not –

Unfortunately the sensor size is very small for these many pixels. I thought and still think my D80 as a noisy camera (above ISO200). And boy G9 is noisier still. Even at ISO80 the noise is there to see. For web-images and prints up to certain sizes (A4) it is ok though. If anybody is trying to tell you that it is difficult to see the difference between the images from G9 and let’s say D80 (or 40D etc.) then s/he is on a payroll from Canon or has never really seen files from DSLRs. While it is a fine a camera, a replacement for a DSLR it is not.

What it could have been –

What I’m really looking forward to is a PS digital camera which is a blend of G9 and another fine camera DP1 from Sigma. I really wish canon takes a cue from Sigma and launches G10 with 4/3rd sensor (at least, or better yet an APS), get rid of all those idiot modes and keep only A,S,M. Or Sigma launches the DP2 or 3 (whatever) with a Tri-Elmar type of lens with manual controls. I don’t really care if it costs as much as mid-range DSLRs…but please.


Any other thoughts will be added/updated.