Déjà vu

Yesterday I got the audio cd of Yuvraaj. The first song on the cd was ‘tu hi to Meri dost hai’…after just reading the text I said to myself – Oh, No. Exact reaction, some 10 years back when I first heard ‘Jungle me Koyal Boli’. To me the lyrics are of paramount importance, I can easily trash ‘good to listen’ song if the lyrics isn’t upto the mark. I listened to this one from Yuvraaj and it did not click. However as is often a case, I always try to give a second hearing to ARR’s songs. And today morning it sounded completely different. Same as that of ‘Jungle me Koyal Boli’.

Overall, it is a good album. I would not rank it with the ‘Akbar Jodha’ or ‘Lagaan’, or ‘Roja’ but good enough. Recommended.


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