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Maestro at his best

Posted in Movies-Music-Cricket on May 30, 2008 by prashanteju

This is actually a long due post. And we are talking about AR Rahman & Sachin Tendulkar.

The former has given one of his best albums this year in Jodha-Akabar. And with that confirmed my belief that he is the best composer Indian film industry ever had. Till now it was impossible to think that anybody else will take RD Burman’s place (imo). The fact that ARR has never (except may be just a couple of songs in his early days) copied anybody else’s work has given him an edge in my coming to this conclusion.

And there was SRT again, on perhaps his last tour down under, producing those two gems in the finals. Thank you for making it worth staying awake till early morning.
And then there is Abhijit Sawant who was the most deserving candidate to be the first Indian Idol then, and if he keeps on singing like this perhaps also will be the ‘super-star’. I never thought anybody will better Rahman when singing what is arguably his best composition ever and perhaps the composition I ever heard (and yes listening to it does make you feel you are near to the God). He isn’t the Maestro yet but not far away.

Bravo!!! Keep it up Abhijit.