14 v/s 11

Anybody who saw the 2nd Test between India and Australia will agree to that. Australia was playing with 3 extra players and cushion of the ‘deal’ between captains. It was a pact with the devil and India paid the price.

Winning at any cost? Shame on you team Australia and cheater that is ponting.

Here is some more food for thought –

overview of the events

One of the respected journalist G.Rajaraman reflects – after the question to Mr.Cheater Ponting –

And what happened to Latif should happen to Mr.Cheater too –

And sad but true, nothing is going to happen really. BCCI will use the strong words, will discuss with ICC, may be (just may be) Bucknor does not stand as an umpire in the next match. (Remember certain Deneness – in SA?)

Sack the cheater – Peter Roebuck


3 Responses to “14 v/s 11”

  1. Sour grapes from the losers.

  2. Oh really ray? Do you really know the meaning of that saying?
    It is not about winning but about the spirit of the game.

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